Easy, Non-Creepy Ways To Get To Know Someone During COVID-19 Times

Easy, Non-Creepy Ways To Get To Know Someone During COVID-19 Times

How can you get to know someone during COVID? Try these virtual first-date ideas to have some fun and generate socially distant sparks.


So you swiped right and matched with an absolute cutie who actually has a real job and lives on his own. Jackpot. But now the question is, how do you get to know your match when everyone is supposed to be socially distancing?

Some people take the chance and meet up IRL. Not only is that against social distancing regulations, but you’re also risking your health for a complete stranger who, for all you know, could ghost you in a week. Call me crazy, but catching corona over a guy doesn’t sound worth it.

It might feel new and strange, but virtually meeting up is the way to go for the foreseeable future. It might be awkward at first, but I promise it’ll get easier over time. And, what better way to vet potential duds than to meet them virtually? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch or spend money on an Uber — there’s a positive side to everything.

Planning a virtual date doesn’t have to be this complicated, awkward mess, either. There are several ways to get to know each other and have fun while doing so. Coronavirus might suck, but that doesn’t mean your virtual dates have to, too.


Wouldn’t it be cool if a dating and game app had a baby? You could match with someone and have a fun way to break the ice. Well, that’s exactly why the app XO was created. They have in-app games to choose from like Two Truths and a Lie, and I Draw, You Title. XO takes the awkward out of planning a first virtual date.

Jackbox Games

I personally love Jackbox Games. I’ve played their games with my friends throughout quarantine. You can start a Zoom call so you can see one another and then play one of the many games in Jackbox’s Party Pack. Personally, Fibbage and Drawful are my favorites. I’ve also heard You Don’t Know Jack is a great first date choice.


While FaceTime might seem simplistic, it’s a great means for a quick first date if you’re unsure about the person. You don’t have to download any programs or do much planning except for picking a time and finding good lighting. If you want to spice your FaceTime call up, try the New York Time’s 36 questions or play a PG game of Never Have I Ever.

Group-Date Zoom Calls

Have a friend that’s also single and struggling to virtually date? Plan a group date on Zoom. That might sound like double the awkwardness, but it actually takes the pressure off you and everyone else since you’re all in the same position. Refer back to Jackbox Games for easy ways to hang out as a group and just hope that you and your friend don’t fall for the same guy.

Xbox, Nintendo Switch

If you’re a gamer, what better way to get to know someone than a video game date? You need an online subscription to both Xbox and Nintendo Switch in order to play live with another person. But once you have an account, you can meet up to fish in Animal Crossing or conquer an island in Fortnite.

Netflix Party

Watching a movie together is made a whole lot easier with Netflix Party. The Chrome extension allows you to sync Netflix shows with whoever is in your party. You can either talk through their chat feature or call each other while you watch. If you’re a film buff, this is a great option to flex your knowledge of the best indie films on Netflix. Or maybe your date will be down to rewatch Stranger Things (since it’s a cinematic masterpiece).

Happy Hour

Just because your date is virtual doesn’t mean it has to be sober. Happy hour can still take place at your respective apartments if you plan ahead. Have your date choose their favorite drinks, and you do the same. Then, enjoy them together via Zoom or FaceTime. Each of you can talk about which drink you chose and which pre-COVID-times bar you’d normally enjoy it at.

COVID-19 hasn’t been the best for single people’s dating lives. Part of getting to know someone is experiencing your in-person dynamic. But with these first date ideas, you can still get to know someone pretty well, even if it is virtual.

Sure, these ideas don’t guarantee your date will be awkward-free, but just know that silences and lulls are normal. Your main focus should be on having fun.

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