How to Have a Hot Girl Summer

How to Have a Hot Girl Summer

We’re bringing Hot Girl Summer back for 2021, with a guide to what you need to do to get into the vibe, covering the origins, the look, mindset, and attitude.


We didn’t get much of a summer in 2020, so we’re bringing Hot Girl Summer back for 2021 instead. Call us optimistic, but the second it’s safe and we’re all vaccinated, we’re putting ourselves out there (but keeping our masks on!), to have an amazing time.

Are you with us? If you need some help getting ready for your hottest summer ever, we’ve got you covered!

In this mini-guide, we’ll explain what Hot Girl Summer is all about, and what you need to do to get into the vibe. From the key elements of the Hot Girl mindset to simple details like the music and the look, we’ve got you covered!

What is Hot Girl Summer?

Coined in 2019 by Megan Thee Stallion, Hot Girl Summer is all about feeling amazing and putting yourself out there during the hottest season of the year. The term is gender-inclusive, so you really don’t have to identify as a “girl” to enjoy Hot Girl Summer. Instead, what’s essential is having an endless amount of confidence, refusing to apologize for who you are, and celebrating life.

Hot Girl Summer Mindset

The most important part of Hot Girl Summer is shaking off the fatigue and despondency of the past year and a half. Here are some tips to help you get into that high-energy mood!

Love yourself

Feeling self-love is famously easier said than done, but there’s no compromising on this essential Hot Girl Summer element.

It’s okay to have moments of self-doubt during Hot Girl Summer — they happen to all of us! Don’t aim for perfection, but as long as you feel good about yourself more often than not, you’re on the right track.

If you already love yourself then you’re good to go, but if you frequently struggle with self-doubt, we have some suggestions.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others and unfollow the people who make you feel bad on social media
  • Stop aiming for perfection — good enough is good enough
  • Experiment with mantras like, “I am good enough” and “I love myself”
  • As an exercise, think about yourself from the perspective of someone who loves you, and see if that helps you shift your mindset
  • Write a list of all of the things you love about yourself, from the biggest to the smallest, and keep it somewhere where you can look at it often
  • Do things that make you feel like a good person: helping others, calling your grandparents, volunteering, giving compliments to strangers
  • If you really struggle with your mental health or can’t forgive yourself for past actions, consider finding a therapist that’ll help you work through your pain

Know you’re amazing

It’s one thing to eliminate negative self-thoughts and to practice self-love. The next step is to take that confidence to the next level, and even add a bit of bravado. It takes a lot of gumption to own Hot Girl Summer!

In order to emanate this vibe, hone in on the things you’re already confident about, and turn a blind eye to anything that might shake your confidence. This will be massively different from person to person! If you’re a great singer, belt out a song in front of your mirror. If you’re really funny or charismatic, focus on that. If you have great hair, spend extra time styling it!

Set your mind to those things where you excel, and you’ll immediately feel like the hottest thing around. It’s impossible to maintain this level of self-confidence 100% of the time, but build yourself up to it at least once a day, and especially before you go out!

Don’t let others bring you down

The final aspect of the Hot Girl Summer mindset is not taking negativity from anyone.

What do we mean by negativity?

A lot of things!

Unjustified demands, insults, non-constructive criticism, and anything else that’s done to bring you down or sap your energy. Effboy behavior.

This doesn’t mean ignoring good constructive criticism. Listening to others and learning from them is real Hot Girl behavior, as long as what they have to say is genuinely valuable. Listen to your friends, mentors, and anyone else who is worthy of your respect.

However, if someone tells you something because of an ulterior motive like getting in your pants or inflating their own ego, disregard that noise.

You don’t need to get into fights or arguments — quite the opposite! Most of the time, just ignore, block, or delete whatever noise someone sends your way. Occasionally, firing back might be worth it, as long as you don’t bring yourself to the other person’s level when you respond.

Hot Girl Summer Crew

You can’t be the only hot girl if you want to have a Hot Girl Summer. Self-love and confidence pave the way for building others up, and as Megan Thee Stallion reminds us, a hot girl hypes up her friends.

During (or before) hot girl summer, get in touch with the friends you missed during winter and spring. Don’t be afraid of reaching out, even if you haven’t spoken in months — we’ve all lost touch with some friends during these on-and-off periods of quarantine and social distancing.

Think of how happy you’d be if someone you haven’t spoken to in ages suddenly reached out to you! Well, now that you’re brimming with self-esteem, why not bring that happiness into someone else’s life by reaching out first?

Rebuild those friendships and make sure to remind your friends just how amazing, stunning, and wonderful they are. Build them up and start planning, so you can all have a Hot Girl Summer together.

Hot Girl Summer Playlist

One easy way to get into the Hot Girl Summer mood is with a fire playlist. You can make your own playlist of songs that put a smile on your face and make you wanna dance, or listen to our premade Hot Girl Summer playlist.

Since the term originates in hip-hop, listening to Hot Girls like Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj would be most on brand, but the truth is that you can listen to anything. From bubblegum pop to metal, it’s all about choosing music that’ll get you energized. Just skip those slow ballads and sadcore songs that might bring on depressing thoughts.

The Hot Girl Summer Look

Hot Girl Summer is about your attitude, not about your look… but let’s not pretend, you need to feel like you look hot to be able to own that hot girl ‘tude. There are different things that make each person feel beautiful, and we’re not here to tell you what you need to do.

Societal beauty standards are made up and incredibly harmful so they’re not appropriate for Hot Girl Summer. Because of that, here are some ideas for things you can do to feel stun in your own way.


Experiment with makeup! Play with new colors and techniques, with a focus on emphasizing your favorite features and getting creative. This Hot Girl Summer is all about glitter and bright colors rather than extreme contouring.

Get Treated

Get someone else to treat you, by going to the salon for a manicure or a blowout. This is also a great way to support local small businesses that are re-opening! Other services that might make you feel like a million bucks include getting a new hair color, a facial, or even a tattoo.

Get Fitted

After a year in pajamas, go digging through your closet for things you haven’t worn in a while or go shopping for some new outfits. The focus is on clothes that make you feel confident, so don’t even bother with uncomfortable shoes or that one dress that chafes awkwardly under your arms.

When rejuvenating your existing closet, one amazing thing you can do is to get items that don’t fit perfectly tailored. After all, there is nothing hotter than clothes that fit you well. It’s also a low-waste way of breathing life into your closet, and it helps to support local artisans instead of buying into fast fashion.

Stay Protected

If you’d like to spend more time outdoors for Hot Girl Summer, your sunscreen game needs to be on point. In general, a great skincare routine is a wonderful form of self-care, and it doesn’t even need to be expensive or long.

The basics are a night-time cleanser, a moisturizer, and some sort of SPF for daytime, to keep your skin looking glowy, healthy, and protected from skin cancer.

Hot Girl Summer Plans

Once your self-esteem has reached a delusion level and your crew is ready and willing, it’s time to make some Hot girl Summer plans. Traditionally (if we can use the word ‘traditional’ for a 2-year old expression), Hot Girl Summer is all about partying. Pool parties, bikinis, and booze are closely tied to the Hot Girl Summer aesthetic. If that’s what you’re into, by all means, have at it.

On the other hand, we think any plans that celebrate the hotter weather, being outgoing, and having fun are perfectly in line with Hot Girl Summer. You don’t have to “drive the boat” (i.e. drink shots and get drunk). Going to concerts or shows, having picnics, going camping or hiking, taking a vacation, or going to the beach, can all also be part of Hot Girl Summer.

Even just hanging out with your friends and posting TikToks is good enough, as long as you have fun doing it!

Dating During Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer isn’t about men, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around, date, or even meet the love of your life. Ultimately, you need to be authentically yourself, and going on dates can absolutely be part of that.

If you decide you’re in the mood to be extra-outgoing (and it’s safe to do so), you will quickly discover guys flocking to you at your favorite spaces. Otherwise, you can also get online. At this point, you should have already assembled your crew, who can help you take a ton of gorgeous photos!

As far as dating apps go, we love Hinge here at GuyChecker, but Tinder and Bumble will also work fine. For a real Hot Girl Summer dating experience, make sure that your profile portrays your authentic self in all of your glory, without apologies.

Have a Blast

Hot Girl Summer is 90% about attitude, so no matter where you are in the world, we know you can get into it. It’s all about feeling good about yourself, the world, and the people you love, and never letting others bring you down.

You know what?

We think we’re ready to have a Hot Girl Summer all year round.

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