How to Have a Phenomenal Virtual First Date

How to Have a Phenomenal Virtual First Date

Virtual first dates are here to stay. Video dating is safer, and it saves us time and money. Here are our tips to also ensure that your virtual first dates are a lot of fun!


Our world has changed irrevocably, and nothing will ever be the same again, including dating. You might still be taking pandemic safety precautions or maybe you’ve added video calls as a new layer of vetting to your dating process.

Either way, it’s clear that virtual dates are here to stay. We don’t mind it at all! Video dates save us time and money, and, as it turns out, they can also be a ton of fun.

We’ve covered virtual dates before here on GuyChecker, but in this post, our focus is on that ultra-important first date. Here are our tips to ensure that your first dates are always fun and productive.

Technical Prep

If you’re new to the world of virtual dates or video calls in general, here are some basic but important tips:

  • Video calls are better when you can keep your hands free, so make sure to have them on your computer rather than your phone.
  • The video calling platform you choose doesn’t matter too much, but Zoom and Skype are both great options for desktop.
  • Make sure to get situated in a spot that fits the following requirements (listed in order of most to least important): strong internet connection, comfortable, good lighting, and a nice background.

Get Cute (or Drop Dead Gorgeous)

One of the best things about a first date is getting those butterflies in your belly. There’s no better moment for feeling them than when you get ready for your date, so take a bit of extra time. Take a few extra moments to select the right outfit (well, at least the top half of one), style your hair, or put on a bit of makeup.

Webcams have a nasty habit of flattening our features, so a bit of blush and highlight goes a long way towards making you look more three-dimensional. That said, if you’re not much of a makeup wearer, don’t feel obligated. The key is to do something that’ll make you feel special.

Set a Time Limit

It’s always a good idea to set a time limit for a first date, whether it’s virtual or in real life. That way, if you and your date turn out to be incompatible, you don’t have to endure their presence for too long. If the date turns out to be amazing, it’ll leave you with a great taste in your mouth, and you’ll be ready to schedule another one! The ideal time for a virtual first date is 1 hour, which is long enough to get a conversation started and even to do a short activity.

There are a few ways to enforce a time limit. One way to do it is to let your date know in advance that you have something scheduled for afterward. This can be a call with your parents, a livestream you want to watch, or even some real-life chores.

Focus on Conversation

In the past, we’ve covered a ton of adorable virtual date ideas, but for that first date, don’t try and get too creative. You should keep things simple and focus on the conversation, since the purpose of a first date is to get to know one another.

The ideal first date conversation is interesting, fun, and revelatory, without ever getting too heavy or intense. Here are some discussion topics we think are great for a first date:

  • Future goals and dreams
  • Current passions
  • Favorite (and least favorite) music, books, and movies
  • Favorite foods
  • The inspiring people in your lives
  • Pet peeves

Have a Drink

Eating a meal on a virtual first date can be pretty awkward—save the romantic candle-lit dinner for your third video date, instead. A drink, on the other hand, is pretty much mandatory.

Just like in real life, having something you can sip on when you need to take a pause in the conversation can be really helpful. Whether you drink water, tea, or a medium-bodied Pinot Noir is up to you. Getting a little tipsy is perfectly fine, but avoid getting drunk.

Play a Conversation Boosting Game

If you’ve already done a lot of virtual dating to no success, the prospect of yet another video chat can be exhausting. You can spice up your dates and add a fun factor by introducing some games you can play!

For a first date, we suggest avoiding attention-consuming games, and instead, trying simple games that you can play without any special technology or tools. Here are some of our favorites:  

  • Two Truths and a Lie—make sure each one of you comes up with a few in advance
  • Would You Rather
  • Never Have I Ever—but remember that this game can take an R-rated turn very quickly
  • Play a virtual escape room

Keep Things Clean(ish)

While there’s nothing wrong with sex on the first date, it’s a little more complicated when your partner can record it. Your comfort level with intimacy, whether virtual or otherwise, is totally up to you, but before you let things get steamy, give it a good, hard thought.

How much do you trust this guy? How hard is he trying to get the conversation to take a sexy turn? In general, we think steamy video dates are best saved for the third or fourth date, when you know who you’re dealing with.

Happy (Virtual) Dating!

By doing a bit of prep and keeping things short and sweet, you can have virtual dates that are always fun and never exhausting. You might even decide to have all of your first dates online once the pandemic is officially over. Happy dating!

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